Open Letter Regarding Registration

Posted by STSLL on Mar 06 2018 at 08:11AM PST in 2018 Season

Dear Families of Saginaw Township South Little League,

During the course of registration, the Board of Directors identified an issue with registration. Specifically, it was found that a number of returning players were being registered that did not meet residency requirements in this and previous years.

Little League Regulation II requires that all players, both regular season and tournament, must live within, or attend a school within, the established boundaries for the league or meet specific conditions to meet eligibility requirements. Players that registered the previous year and lived within, or attended a school within, the established boundaries meet those conditions to continue playing for the league via waiver.

In the case of many of these returning players the required documents to support the waiver were not obtained at the time they were required or were never available. Based on past seasons’ registration data, this issue appears to have existed for several years. Further, based on conversations with some of the impacted families, it was not fully communicated to these families that players weren’t eligible for tournament play and that they could be eligible if they played at their home Little League.

While these may appear on the surface to be a minor issue, the impact to the players regarding the tournament play is more problematic. We have worked with all the families and players impacted to fully inform them of the situation and ensure they are fully informed of tournament eligibility going into the season. Additionally, families registering for the first time or after a lapse in registration outside the boundary have been asked to reach out to their home Little League to obtain a release to allow them to play at South and inform them such players will not be eligible for tournament play.

It is the objective of the 2018 Board of Directors to be forthright with issues and ensure all families are informed of issues as appropriate. Additionally, it is our intent to ensure we are following both the letter and spirit of all Little League rules and regulations.

I would like to extend our sincere apology and thanks for understanding to those families that were impacted by the registration issues and commit to continuing to work to prevent these types of issues going forward.

Thank you,
Tom Connolly
President, Saginaw Township South Little League